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La Revolución Desconocida  by  Voline

La Revolución Desconocida by Voline
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A massive book but a quick, rather riveting read actually. Voline was an anarchist exiled from Russia who returned in 1917 in plenty of time to offer a clear, and in my opinion quite brilliant, day to day analysis of the failings (and the horrors) of both radical left statist parties, but primarily the Bolsheviks. He was also present at the creation of the first soviet in 1905, participated in the workers councils, holds an understanding of direct and revolutionary democracy that parallels my own (possibly why I enjoyed it so much, but possibly not), and offers an immensely valuable glimpse at what could have been in Russia, and of course, what could still be.

His description of what happened in Kronstadt filled me with pride and sadness and anger, the cuttings from the newspaper published day by day during the revolt and their reporting on the lies spread by the Central government were particularly telling.

Similarly his account of the Makhnovischna. Whatever else he was, Voline tried to write with integrity, praising what was good and critiquing what was not, not least Makhno himself. His goal with this book was to contribute to the building of a revolutionary movement led by the people, the forming of workers councils, the federating across distances, the organization of an entirely new economy and way of life.

And there is so much to think about.

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