Go Home Danger David Washington


Published: July 18th 2014



Go Home Danger  by  David Washington

Go Home Danger by David Washington
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This book is the first in a series of Kenroy stories. In Go Home Danger, Kenroy befriends Emanuel, a new boy at his village school in rural Belize. In reaching out to the Kekchi youth, Kenroy displays impartiality and fellow-feeling. The recent tragic death of a classmate from HIV/AIDS related causes and the classes stigmatizing of her during her illness prompts a visit by the village nurse, who is also Kenroys grandmother and guardian.

She endeavours help them to work through the events that have transpired and find in them important life lessons. This publication is specifically written and formatted as a bibliotherapy resource and includes instructions and talking points for individual and group sessions. The subjects include communication, emotions/feelings, grief/loss, ethnic diversity, relationships, self esteem and empathy.

Bibliotherapy promotes personal development by matching personal and social problems with a literary treatment of a subject(s) and can be used by parents, teachers, librarians or anyone interested in assisting themselves or others, of any age, in their personal growth.

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