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Murder At Bluewater Manor  by  Valvetta Leone

Murder At Bluewater Manor by Valvetta Leone
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Valerie Sharples, the kind of journalist who told too much of a good story, is dead.In the idyllic surrounds of Bluewater Manor, a murder has occurred. Valerie Sharples had called a meeting with five of the victims of her poisoned pen stories, their lawyer and her unfaithful husband, ostensibly to offer apologies and abate a lawsuit. Instead, she had made only threats. Now, in amongst these seven people, a murderer lurks.With forensic evidence almost nonexistent and no one talking, the police are baffled.

The case is stale.Whitman Archer, a self confessed `trust fund baby, is a man of charm, infamy and has an agenda of his own. He has made it his mission to find out who killed Valerie Sharples, quickly - the police cannot be allowed to languish in their investigation! He needs them gone to further his own plans.As he puzzles the pieces together, a tapestry of hidden motives and murderous intent begins to unfold.

Can Archer find the murderer before he becomes the second victim?With a focus on the interplay of characters and their unique narratives, the novel utilizes the human elements of this mysterious affair to immerse the reader in the clues and challenge their capacity to find the murderer, before its too late.

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