Danny, A Journey on the Oregon Trail R. S. Heller





Danny, A Journey on the Oregon Trail  by  R. S. Heller

Danny, A Journey on the Oregon Trail by R. S. Heller
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(from the book cover) The Oregon Trail was 2,000 miles of prairie grasses, rivers and streams, desolation and dust, drenching rains and blazing sun, life and death. Along the way people are met and friends are made, as together the emigrants travel across the county. For some it was a new beginning for others an escape from the past.

For Danny it is a dream of a horse ranch and a home. In 1867 the trail was not as rough as it had been but still not all who started on the Oregon Trail make it to the end. Bad weather, bad choices, sickness and disease ended the journey for some and they were buried along the trail like so many before them. Danny is the story of determination and perseverance, of life and death, of beginnings and endings. It is also a story about love.

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